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The Nearly Men

Saturday 22 Apr–Saturday 22 Apr 2017   2:30pm

The Nearly Men

Regrets and cheap lager hang in the air like Brut aftershave. You can fail loads of times but you only have to succeed once…
A two man play, written and performed by Carl Antony Plover and Simon David Clark, The Nearly Men is a semi-autobiographical production, drawn from their own experience of writing a comedy series together. A comedy, which nearly made the big time.
Set in the confines of an unkempt bedsit, the play moves between two characters; a failed musician and a rejected scriptwriter and reveals the struggles and frustrations of nearly making it in the TV and music industries.

Searching for the answers, The Nearly Men is a brutally honest account of failure; revealing, raw, poetic and injected with humour it will move and amuse in equal amounts.

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