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LICMF Event 4: Music & Mime

Tuesday 01 Aug 2017   11:00am

LICMF Event 4: Music & Mime

Les Bubb is – by common consent – the top comedy mime artist in the UK, and one of the most innovative and accessible physical comics in Europe. Trio Apaches are a piano trio. In this unique family show Les’ extraordinary range of abilities will be unleashed over, under and around the trio to create a cacophony of comical illusions.

Have you ever wondered what Beethoven had for breakfast on the morning he composed one of his most famous trios? Do you do your household cleaning while dancing with your favourite broom to the music of Saint-Saens? Or perhaps you’ve always wanted to know what Mozart’s Marriage of Figaro would sound like if arranged for piano trio and cat?

This concert of music, mime, magic and mirth will make you laugh and cry (and possibly even have you scratching your heads in bewilderment) as a series of great works are reimagined and recreated in ways you never thought possible. Join us, and we guarantee you’ll never hear them in quite the same way again.

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