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LICMF Event 10: Regency Dance afternoon

Saturday 05 Aug 2017   4:30pm

LICMF Event 10: Regency Dance afternoon

An afternoon of dance Jane Austen style! Anyone acquainted with the novels of Jane Austen or the film and TV adaptations of her works will be familiar with her lively depictions of balls and dances. Dancing allowed young men and women to become acquainted and for courtship to flourish. It was a pastime enjoyed by all ages at balls in country houses and Assembly Rooms throughout the country.

Most dances of the period were English country dances: longways dances with couples facing each other in two lines before dancing their way to the bottom of the line and back up the dance. Also popular were the Cotillions and Quadrilles of French origin, danced in sets of four couples. Audience members will be encouraged to participate and try and few moves!

The castle grounds will be open after this event for our audience to enjoy a picnic before the commencement of the evening entertainment. We will offer the facility of pre-ordering a picnic hamper from LICMF or you may prefer to bring your own!
The Lincolnshire Regency Society

*Please note: this event is combined with Event 11 – in order to book for this you must book tickets for Event 11 which will automatically admit you to Event 10.

*Ticket booking: We will stop online sales at 7.30pm on Thursday 27 July for all events taking place at venues other than Lincoln Drill Hall. You’ll still be able to book by phone/in person at our box office until 4pm on Fri 28th July and thereafter you’ll need to purchase tickets on the door at each event, subject to availability. Tickets booked but not collected from us by 4pm Fri 28th July will be available to collect at the venue of your chosen event(s). If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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